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New Single
Labe: Moderna Records

Text from Moderna Records

A dreamy, flowing atmosphere bubbles smoothly before our ears in ‘Minasoko’ - the lead single from the upcoming EP ‘Land’ by Japanese artist moshimoss. It’s a rich ambient number that weaves streams of consciousness through interlocking patterns on piano and synth that are joined by Asano Mekaru's evanescent violin lines. It’s out today wherever you find your music, ready to accompany your chill vibes.

Artwork by the fantastic Jaakko Mattila

Listen Here


Alaskan Tapes and moshimoss


Collab with one of my favourite artists at the moment, Alaskan Tapes and the first collaborative EP. Composed over the 2023, they shared WIPs with eachother, and slowly compiled these tracks.


New album
Stones of Paradise
coming on Jan 31 2023 both in digital and vinyl format

his is first full-length album in nine years under the moniker moshimoss.

In a departure from his past ambient and guitar based works, moshimoss' work shifts to a more universal, classical sound that focuses on piano and string pieces with simple composition and melody. With this project, which serves as a continuation of his 2020 and 2021 EP series, moshimoss uses his quintessential ephemeral soundscapes to tell a story of epic proportions.


Guest performances include ASA-CHANG&JUNREI and TRIORA member Naotaro Moriyama and SEKAI NO OWARI backup violinist Anzu Suhara, with mastering by Takeshi Azuma of Yamashoku-on and jacket photography by Shuhei Yoshida. This album will be released in both digital and vinyl format.

New single


A single on the theme of imaginary scenes by moshimoss, an ambient and classical project by Yamanashi-based musician Kosuke Anamizu, who produces music for films and video works in Japan and abroad, and designs sounds for art works and spaces. This song is a self-reworked version of his own demo music.

The cinematic sound, with countless pianos scattered around, is built mainly with piano and guitar only. The soundscape is sometimes violent, but at other times delicate and precise, but sounding fragile yet powerful. 


Daigo Hanada - In The Wind (moshimoss rework)
label: Moderna records

I reworked a song called In The Wind from Daigo Hanada's album released by Moderna Records. 


It was so simple and beautiful song that it seemed like there was no room for me, but I was drawn in by the charm of the song and reworked a lot of fun.

IMG_2353 2.jpeg

Moshimoss and Levi Patel
Beneath the Sky EP

In this debut collaboration between Japanese composer Moshimoss and New Zealand's Levi Patel, the two musicians exchange and develop each other’s simple piano phrases, expanding them to form touching melodies and delicate, beautiful soundscapes.

IMG_2353 2.jpeg

moshimoss - Timeless EP
label: night cruising

Last year's EP release, "Parade" became one of the top songs in both Japan and European iTunes electronic music charts. The EP was also featured in the official Spotify playlist with critical acclaim.
"Timeless" is based on a concept of reincarnation of time. The 3 songs are supported by violinist Anzu Suhara, known as a member of ASA-CHANG & Junray, Triora and as a supporting member of Hikaru Utada and Naotaro Moriyama.
Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama. Artwork by Seitaro Nishioka.

moshimoss - Parade EP
label: night cruising

The 3 song EP "Parade" is the first work in 6 years for moshimoss.
Influences from electronica, post rock, dance music can be heard throughout the compositions, balanced with a simplistic, yet emotional approach to modern classical music.
Guest musicians include ASA-CHANG & Junray, members from TRIORA and violinist Anzu Suhara; known as a support musician for artists like Hikaru Utada and Naotaro Moriyama.
Mastered by Gen Tanabe at Studio Camel House in Yamanashi.
Artwork is by photographer Shuhei Yoshida.
A full-length album is also planned for release by the end of the year.

Hidden tape no.66.jpg

Hidden Tape No.66
label: Dynamophone Record

The room was empty.The only clues that remained of any of life was the empty tumbler with sweat dripping on the bedstand. A slight tinge of perfume in the air. Left on the unmade bed, was a large envelope, bound in tape. In the envelope, maps of Iceland and a casette was found. Fourteen pieces of music unravelling a scenery of emotion and glimpses of timelessness...


The secrets that Kosuke Anamizu has buried on Hidden Tape No. 66 are deeply telling. Unearthing these ten artifacts, we understand that they are meant for someone else. Vast and inward, the tracks are lovingly assembled from detailed field recordings, guitars, and electronics. Soundscapes flowing through a filter of longing and mystery.


labe: night cruising

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